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Price : $ 700 (Negotiable)
Type : For adopt
Date : 02 May, 2023
Ad Reference ID : 10001
Age : puppy
Sex : female

I have two pups still in need of homes that were born on 10/3/2022.  There is one male and one female.  These puppies and their mother have been on a high-quality diet and are very healthy and large. They come with first vaccinations and deworming. The parents are on site and have excellent temperaments.  The puppies are potty trained

Akita Size and Weight: What to Expect

Akita is a large and powerful breed of dog that originated in Japan. Here's what you can expect in terms of size and weight:

  • Size: Adult Akitas typically stand between 24-28 inches (61-71 cm) at the shoulder. Females tend to be slightly smaller than males. Akitas are a large breed, and they can weigh between 70-130 pounds (32-59 kg) depending on their sex, genetics, and overall health.

  • Weight: As mentioned above, adult Akitas can weigh anywhere from 70-130 pounds (32-59 kg), with males being heavier than females. However, it's important to note that weight alone doesn't necessarily determine a dog's overall health or size. Factors like muscle mass, body composition, and bone density can all affect a dog's weight and appearance.

It's worth noting that Akitas are a robust breed with a sturdy build. They have a thick, double-coat that helps protect them from the elements, and their broad head and powerful jaws give them a formidable appearance. Proper diet and exercise are important for maintaining an Akita's health and well-being, as well as keeping them at a healthy weight.


Name: kunal

Registered: 25 04, 2023

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