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Price : $ 1800 (Negotiable)
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Date : 01 May, 2023
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Age : puppy
Sex : female

The puppies in this litter are from AKC Registered parents and can also be registered with the AKC. The Dam has champion bloodline. Get yours: 2 Male/1 Female available  •Without AKC registration for $1 800  •Limited AKC registration for $2 000  •Full AKC registration for $2 300 American Akitas raised as part of the family they have great temperament love playing with kids and are the most loyal friend you'll ever get! 13 weeks old and the perfect gift for your loved ones!

Akita Socialization: How to Help Your Dog Interact with Other Dogs

Socializing your Akita is essential for their mental and emotional well-being. However, Akitas can be naturally reserved and aloof with strangers and other dogs. Therefore, it's important to take a proactive approach to socialization from a young age.

Here are some tips to help your Akita interact with other dogs:

  1. Start early: Start socializing your Akita as early as possible. Puppies have a critical socialization period between 3-14 weeks of age, during which they are more open and accepting of new experiences.

  2. Positive reinforcement: Use positive reinforcement to encourage your Akita to interact with other dogs. Praise and reward your dog with treats or playtime when they exhibit friendly behavior towards other dogs.

  3. Controlled environment: Start socialization in a controlled environment such as a dog park or a playdate with a well-socialized dog. Start with shorter sessions and gradually increase the duration as your Akita becomes more comfortable.

  4. Supervision: Always supervise your Akita's interactions with other dogs. Keep a close eye on their body language and intervene if necessary.

  5. Gradual exposure: Gradually expose your Akita to different dogs of different sizes, breeds, and personalities. This will help them become comfortable around a variety of dogs.

  6. Use a leash: Use a leash to keep your Akita under control during socialization sessions. This will help prevent any potential conflicts and allow you to intervene quickly if necessary.

  7. Be patient: Socializing your Akita takes time and patience. Don't rush the process and give your dog plenty of time to adjust to new experiences.

Remember that every dog is different, and some Akitas may take longer to become comfortable around other dogs. Be patient and persistent, and your efforts will pay off in the long run.


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