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Date : 29 Apr, 2023
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Age : puppy
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Eight years of experience! Beautiful Purebreed American Akita pups both male & female 650.00 - 750.00. They are ready to join your family! Mom and dad are part of our family and at home with us. Dad is a certified/licensed therapy dog! Both are very laid back friendly and are living with other animals(dogs &cats) kids & adults - NO HEALTH ISSUES. All of my pups leave here w/health chart up-to-date shots -Parvo Distemper Adenovirus Type 1 & 2 Parainfluenza Parvovirus and Leptospira (4 different strains) deworming microchipped and a puppy kit. The kit includes a few essentials to help your family and new fur-baby get through those first few days. Please know I'm available to you before during and. So feel free to call or text with any questions if youd like more photos or videos schedule a video call or to schedule a visit to see all of my available pups their parents & the environment

Akita Inu is a dog breed that originated in Japan and is known for its loyalty, courage, and powerful physique. These dogs have a rich history in Japanese culture and are often considered a national treasure.

The breed was originally developed in the northern region of Akita, Japan, where it was used for hunting large game such as bears and deer. However, during the Meiji period in Japan, dog fighting became popular, and Akitas were bred for this purpose. In the early 1900s, a group of breeders began to focus on preserving the original traits of the Akita Inu, and by the 1930s, the breed had become recognized as a national treasure in Japan.

During World War II, the Japanese government ordered the killing of all dogs except for those that were essential for military purposes. Akitas were used by the military as guard dogs and were spared from the order, but their numbers were greatly reduced.

After the war, a breeding program was established to revive the breed, and Akitas were once again recognized as a symbol of Japan's cultural heritage. In 1973, the Akita Inu was declared a national monument in Japan.

Today, Akita Inus are popular pets around the world, and they continue to be valued for their loyalty and courage. They are also known for their distinctive appearance, which includes a thick double coat, small, triangular ears, and a curled tail. Akita Inus require a lot of exercise and training, and they are best suited for experienced dog owners who are willing to invest the time and effort to properly care for them.



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