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Price : $ 1250 (Negotiable)
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Date : 06 May, 2023
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Age : puppy
Sex : female

Update January 15 2023, because of my work circumstances I have to let go of my beautiful purebread Biewer terrier male! I paid $2800 from Bow Wow Babies in Long Island. I have all receipts and he has been given his puppy shots. “Scottie” is very playful and awesome with children and adults and very very smart. Born April 5 2022  Must have a yard - he loves to run outside. He is indoor pad trained inside and also goes outside mostl

"Biewer Terrier: Training Tips and Tricks for a Well-Behaved Pup"

The Biewer Terrier is a small, playful breed that makes a great companion for families and individuals. As with any dog, proper training is essential to ensure they are well-behaved and obedient. Here are some tips and tricks for training your Biewer Terrier:

  1. Start training early: It's important to start training your Biewer Terrier as early as possible. Puppies are more receptive to learning and are easier to train than older dogs.

  2. Use positive reinforcement: Positive reinforcement is the best way to train your Biewer Terrier. Reward good behavior with treats, praise, and affection. This will help them learn faster and will make training more enjoyable for both you and your pup.

  3. Be consistent: Consistency is key when it comes to training. Use the same commands and rewards each time you train your Biewer Terrier, and make sure everyone in your household is on the same page.

  4. Keep training sessions short: Biewer Terriers have short attention spans, so it's best to keep training sessions short and frequent. Aim for 10-15 minutes per session, several times a day.

  5. Teach basic commands: Start with basic commands like "sit," "stay," and "come." These commands are essential for controlling your dog in different situations.

  6. Socialize your pup: Socializing your Biewer Terrier is important to help them feel comfortable around people and other dogs. Take them to the dog park, on walks, and to puppy classes to help them get used to new environments and experiences.

  7. Don't punish your pup: Punishing your Biewer Terrier will only make them fearful and anxious. Instead, redirect their behavior with positive reinforcement and be patient with their learning process.

Remember that training takes time and patience. With consistent training and positive reinforcement, your Biewer Terrier will become a well-behaved and obedient companion.


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