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Price : $ 5000 (Negotiable)
Type : For sale
Date : 20 May, 2023
Ad Reference ID : 10001
Age : young
Sex : female

Shiloh Sjepherd breeding program for sale. Our family has grown since we got these dogs and our ability to manage the dogs the way they deserve is diminished so it would be best to move them to someone who can dedicate to them what they need. The Shiloh's gentle steady temperament makes this breed an excellent option for many lifestyles. Our Shilohs have friendly personalities and get along well with other pets cats Goats chickens and children. They love to play and spend time with their people. They are a social breed but are ok being alone for a while such as during work.

Old German Shepherd Dog Breeds


The German Shepherd Dog (GSD) is a relatively new breed that originated in Germany in the late 19th century. However, there are several other breeds that are often referred to as "old German Shepherd dog breeds" due to their similar appearance or historical connection to the GSD. These breeds include:

  1. Belgian Shepherd: The Belgian Shepherd, also known as the Belgian Malinois, shares a similar appearance and working abilities with the German Shepherd. They were originally bred for herding and guarding livestock, and they have a strong work ethic and high energy levels.

  2. Dutch Shepherd: The Dutch Shepherd is another breed that resembles the German Shepherd in appearance and working abilities. Like the German Shepherd, they were initially bred as versatile working dogs, excelling in herding, guarding, and police work.

  3. East-European Shepherd: The East-European Shepherd, also known as the Vostochno-evropeiskaya ovtcharka, is a breed developed in Russia. It was created by crossing German Shepherds with local breeds to produce a larger and more robust working dog. They have a similar appearance to the German Shepherd but with a heavier build.

  4. Shiloh Shepherd: The Shiloh Shepherd is a breed developed in the United States with the aim of recreating the original type of German Shepherd Dog. They are larger and more laid-back compared to the modern German Shepherd, with an emphasis on temperament and working abilities.

It's important to note that while these breeds share similarities with the German Shepherd, they are distinct breeds with their own breed standards and characteristics.


Name: kunal

Registered: 25 04, 2023

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