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Price : $ 700 (Negotiable)
Type : For sale
Date : 02 May, 2023
Ad Reference ID : 10001
Age : puppy
Sex : female

Meet Athena! She is a female American Akita.. She is 11 months Very great with kids house broken Loyal dog great home preotector. Athena is also ACA registered. 

Akita Grooming: Tips for Keeping Your Dog Looking Great

Akita dogs are known for their thick, plush coats, which require regular grooming to keep them looking great. Here are some tips for keeping your Akita looking his or her best:

  1. Brushing: Akitas shed their coat twice a year, and during this time, they require daily brushing to remove loose hair and prevent mats from forming. Use a slicker brush or a shedding blade to remove the loose undercoat. Regular brushing also helps distribute oils throughout the coat, keeping it shiny and healthy.

  2. Bathing: Akitas do not require frequent baths, but when they do, use a gentle dog shampoo and conditioner designed for their coat type. Avoid using human shampoo or soap as it can strip the coat of natural oils. Rinse the coat thoroughly, and dry your Akita with a towel or a blow dryer on a low setting.

  3. Nail trimming: Akitas' nails grow quickly, so it's important to trim them regularly to prevent them from becoming too long and uncomfortable. Use a sharp nail clipper designed for dogs and be careful not to cut into the quick, the pink area of the nail that contains blood vessels and nerves.

  4. Teeth cleaning: Good dental hygiene is essential for your Akita's overall health. Brush your dog's teeth regularly using a toothbrush and toothpaste designed for dogs. You can also offer dental chews or toys to help keep their teeth clean and healthy.

  5. Ear cleaning: Akitas have floppy ears that can trap moisture and debris, leading to infections. Clean your dog's ears regularly with a gentle ear cleaner and a cotton ball or soft cloth. Avoid using cotton swabs as they can push debris further into the ear canal.

  6. Grooming tools: Invest in high-quality grooming tools, such as a slicker brush, shedding blade, nail clippers, and ear cleaner, to make the grooming process easier and more effective.

By following these tips and keeping up with regular grooming, your Akita will look and feel great, and you'll be helping to keep them healthy and happy.


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Registered: 25 04, 2023

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