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Date : 03 May, 2023
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Age : puppy
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I have 4 female and 2 male border collie/Sheppard & hound mix puppies. They’re about 7 weeks now. I included photos of 2 pups from the last litter (same parents) at about a year old so you have an idea what they might look like. Both boys are mostly all white the rest are multi colored. They’re all very sweet and playful. This mixed breed is very active and intelligent. Mine have been amazing protectors of my house. Looking for furever homes! They still need their vaccinations but are fully weened from the mother. No fee just need good homes. Contact me if you’d like to meet them

"A Look at the History and Legacy of the American Foxhound"

The American Foxhound is a breed of dog that is deeply rooted in the history and culture of the United States. Originally bred in the 18th century by American planters and sportsmen, the American Foxhound was developed as a specialized hunting dog that was particularly skilled at tracking foxes. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the history and legacy of this unique and beloved breed.


The American Foxhound can trace its lineage back to English Foxhounds, which were imported to America in the early 18th century. These hounds were bred with local dogs to create a new breed that was better suited to the American terrain and climate. Over time, this new breed evolved into what we know today as the American Foxhound.

The breed was particularly popular among the wealthy plantation owners of the southern United States, who used the dogs for fox hunting. George Washington was a notable breeder and advocate of the American Foxhound, and he is said to have kept more than 30 of them at his Mount Vernon estate.

In the mid-19th century, the popularity of the American Foxhound began to decline as other breeds such as the Beagle and the Coonhound became more popular. However, the breed was revitalized in the early 20th century by a group of dedicated breeders who sought to preserve its unique characteristics and hunting abilities.


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