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Date : 18 May, 2023
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The Lagotto Romagnolo also known as the Italian truffle dog is a rare breed dating back to pre-roman days and is considered the foundation breed to many of today’s hunting dog breeds.The Lagotto is a non-shedding active medium-sized breed. They are very loyal to their owner(s) extremely smart very social and loving which makes them the perfect family companion. Hypoallergenic dogs!!!!   Our both Molly (dam) and Arlo (sire) have CHIC # from the OFA health testing department and have passed all of the health test requirements. They are both Clear of all genetic diseases.   Arlo is a beautiful pure breed Lagotto Romagnolo that was born in the Italy. He is the most energetic tender and loving boy.   Molly is a one of a kind pure breed Lagotto Romagnolo that came to us from Montefiore Conca (RN) in Italy. She is the sweetest tender and loving girl you can ever imagine. Puppies will be dewormed first round of shots registration papers check by a veterinarian and tested for genetically acquired diseases by Optimal Selection.

"The Lagotto Romagnolo: A Versatile and Intelligent Companion"

The Lagotto Romagnolo is indeed a versatile and intelligent companion breed of dog. Originating from the Romagna subregion of Italy, it has a rich history and a unique set of characteristics that make it highly regarded among dog enthusiasts. Here's an overview of the Lagotto Romagnolo and its notable traits:

  1. Versatility: The Lagotto Romagnolo is a multi-purpose breed, excelling in various roles. Originally bred as a water retriever and a truffle-hunting dog, it has shown great versatility in modern times. Today, it is still used for truffle hunting but has also proven itself in other fields such as search and rescue, therapy work, obedience, and agility competitions.

  2. Intelligence: Lagotto Romagnolos are highly intelligent dogs. They are quick learners and possess excellent problem-solving skills. Their intelligence, combined with their strong work ethic and eagerness to please their owners, makes them highly trainable. This breed is often seen participating in obedience trials and other dog sports.

  3. Truffle Hunting: The Lagotto Romagnolo has a remarkable ability to locate and retrieve truffles, a valuable and highly sought-after delicacy. With their keen sense of smell and determination, they are able to locate truffles hidden underground. Truffle hunters greatly value this breed for its natural instincts and aptitude for truffle hunting.

  4. Hypoallergenic Coat: One of the notable features of the Lagotto Romagnolo is its hypoallergenic coat. The breed has curly, dense, and waterproof hair that does not shed excessively. This characteristic, coupled with minimal dander production, makes the Lagotto Romagnolo a suitable choice for people with allergies or sensitivities to pet dander.

  5. Loving and Loyal: Lagotto Romagnolos are known for their affectionate and loving nature towards their families. They form strong bonds with their owners and enjoy being involved in family activities. They are also known to get along well with children and other pets when properly socialized.

  6. Energetic and Active: As a working breed, Lagotto Romagnolos have a good amount of energy and require regular physical exercise. They enjoy outdoor activities such as walks, runs, and playing games like fetch. Mental stimulation is equally important for this intelligent breed, so engaging activities and puzzle toys can help keep them entertained.

  7. Moderate Size: The Lagotto Romagnolo is a medium-sized breed. Adult males typically weigh between 28 and 35 pounds (13-16 kg), while females weigh slightly less, ranging from 24 to 31 pounds (11-14 kg). This size makes them suitable for various living situations, including apartments, as long as their exercise needs are met.

In summary, the Lagotto Romagnolo is a versatile and intelligent companion breed with a rich history of truffle hunting. They make excellent family pets, companions, and working dogs due to their intelligence, loyalty, versatility, and hypoallergenic coat. However, it's important to note that this breed requires mental and physical stimulation to thrive and should be provided with proper training, socialization, and exercise.


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