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max is an energetic baby! he loves children and to run around and be free! he's potty trained but not trained in manners. lol. if there's a new person he's extremely excited to meet them. he's very happy and loves to eat and needs endless toys. we found him last year in august. he loves my children and myself. he has to find another home due to us bringing in a new baby. he loves children but doesn't know how to keep his paws down. he doesn't bark much unless he really needs your attention

Border Terrier - Dog Breed Characteristics & Care - Pedigree

The Border Terrier is a small but sturdy dog breed that originated in the border country between Scotland and England. They were originally bred to work alongside hunters in the region, chasing and catching small prey like foxes and rabbits.

Here are some key characteristics and care tips for Border Terriers:

Physical Characteristics:

  • Size: Small, typically weighing between 11-16 pounds and standing 11-16 inches tall at the shoulder.
  • Coat: The Border Terrier has a double coat consisting of a soft undercoat and a wiry outercoat. Their coat can be any color except white.
  • Life expectancy: 12-15 years.

Temperament and Personality:

  • Border Terriers are known for their friendly and affectionate personalities. They are also very energetic and love to play.
  • They can be stubborn at times, so training and socialization from a young age is important.
  • Border Terriers are good with children and other pets, but they may have a tendency to chase smaller animals due to their hunting instincts.


  • Border Terriers require regular exercise and playtime to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. They enjoy walks and playing games like fetch or tug-of-war.
  • Grooming is also important for Border Terriers. They need to be brushed regularly to prevent matting and to maintain their wiry coat. They also need to be bathed occasionally.
  • Regular veterinary check-ups are also important to ensure their overall health and well-being.


  • The Border Terrier is recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the United Kennel Club (UKC).
  • When looking for a Border Terrier puppy, it's important to find a reputable breeder who screens their dogs for genetic health issues.
  • Border Terriers can be prone to certain health issues such as hip dysplasia, allergies, and eye problems. A responsible breeder will have their breeding dogs screened for these issues and will provide health clearances for their puppies.

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