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Price : $ 300 (Negotiable)
Type : For sale
Date : 15 May, 2023
Ad Reference ID : 10001
Age : puppy
Sex : female

7 week old English Setter puppies available. Registered up to date on shots champion pedigree. They will make great hunting dogs and even better family pets.

The Artistry of the English Setter: A Dog Breed with Style"

The English Setter is a beautiful dog breed known for its grace, elegance, and style. With its long, silky coat, feathered legs and tail, and distinctive coloration, the English Setter is truly a work of art.

Originally bred for hunting, the English Setter has since become a popular companion and show dog. Its unique appearance and gentle demeanor make it a favorite among dog enthusiasts and pet owners alike.

One of the most striking features of the English Setter is its coat. The breed typically comes in three colors: white with black or blue markings, white with liver or chestnut markings, and white with orange markings. The coat is long and silky, with feathering on the legs, ears, and tail. This feathering adds to the breed's elegant appearance and is a hallmark of its beauty.

In addition to its coat, the English Setter is known for its graceful movement. With a long, sweeping stride, the breed moves with fluidity and ease. This makes it a popular choice for dog shows, where its beauty and elegance are on full display.

But the English Setter is not just a pretty face. This breed is also intelligent, trainable, and affectionate. It loves to spend time with its family and is happiest when it is included in their activities. Whether hiking, playing, or simply lounging on the couch, the English Setter is a loyal and loving companion.

In conclusion, the English Setter is truly a work of art. Its beauty, grace, and style make it one of the most elegant and striking dog breeds in the world. But beyond its appearance, the breed's intelligence and affectionate nature make it a wonderful companion for those lucky enough to share their lives with one.


Name: kunal

Registered: 25 04, 2023

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